Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Color Belt Testing

Color Best Testing is coming up! Testing Week is March 22-26th. We’ll be spending the next few weeks getting you and your student ready for testing—the following will help you to know what you need in order to be prepared for an awesome Belt Test.

Please make sure that your student is making it to class. Each student needs to have 16 hours in class to be eligible to test (remind them to pull their cards too!). Signature Sheets are now available—these need to be signed by the student, their parent, and their school teacher. Take the time right now to talk about the commitments required for testing. This includes behavior at home! Make sure that your student really is fulfilling their commitments before you sign their testing sheet. Also, if you or your student needs to know what the topic is for their report, please check with your student’s instructor. Signature sheets and reports are due March 12th, the Friday before PreTest Week.

Students will also need to have all of their Stripes to be eligible to test. Stripes are passed off during regular classes; if your student is missing Stripes, you may consider sending them to Boot Camp the Monday of testing week, or scheduling a private lesson with their instructor.

The CBT schedule is below, please make sure you know the day and time your student will be testing so you can plan in advance.

Monday March 22: BOOTCAMP! 4-7pm. For students needing to make up hours or Stripes in order to test! Only $25 for all three hours.

Tuesday March 23: Tiny Tiger Testing 5:00-5:30pm (arrive a few minutes early!) $20

Tuesday March 23: Basic Color Belt Testing (White—Yellow) 5:30-7pm (Arrive By 5pm). $25

Wednesday March 24: Advanced Color Belt Testing (Blue—Red/Black) 5:30-7pm (Arrive By 5pm). $25

Thursday March 25: Intermediate Color Belt Testing (Yellow/Green—Green/Blue) 5:30-7pm (Arrive By 5pm). $25

Friday March 26: Make up Color Belt Testing for anyone who couldn't test during the week at 4:15-5:15 (Arrive by 4pm). $25

Friday March 26: Rank Advancement Ceremony 5:30-6:30 (ALL TESTEES & ALL RANKS!!!) Outstanding Testers will be recognized and all rank advancements will be awarded. Parents, Family, and Friends are encouraged to come watch and take pictures at both the CBT and the Rank Advancement Ceremony.

We’re looking forward to a great test! As you set goals and work toward them, you are creating yourself as an individual. Belt Testing is a wonderful accomplishment, and as you set your sights toward Black Belt, you will learn that you can achieve anything! We are excited to take that journey with you!

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